2008 Events

Mercer Lake, Princeton, NJ - September 20
The 2nd Annual Mercer County Dragon Boat Festival was host to 28 teams from the NJ/NY/PA/DC area. Pathway's TeamSOS-NJ with the help of a few paddlers from our sister South Jersey club - River Sirens raced in 3 - 200m heats and 2 - 400m races. After a grueling day of racing, we came away with the satisfaction that we had finished 2nd in the BCS Division and 7th out 13 in the Women's Division.

Mercer County Dragon Boat Festival

Flushing, NY - August 2-3
Beijing may have hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, but for New York it was the 18th annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival at Flushing Meadow Lake in Queens, near the site of the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs. We teamed up with our sisters from Dragon Boat Charleston, SC and formed the "Jersey Belles". After competing in 2 - 500 meter and 3 - 250 meter races, we certainly got a taste of what true competition is all about. It was a great effort and time by all those who attended.

NY Hong Kong Festival

Ithaca, NY - July 12
Pathway's TeamSOS-NJ takes home the Gold Medal at the Finger Lakes International Dragon Boat Festival with the help of our sisters from the Machestic Dragons. We competed against the 7-year veteran team from Buffalo, New York - Hope Chest. Running with 4 fewer paddlers than our fierce competitor, Brennan of Team Dragons helped us finish with the following times:

250 meter Race 1: SOS 1:27.760 / Hope Chest 1:35.920
250 meter Race 2: SOS 1:27.340 / Hope Chest 1:41.850
500 meter Race 3: SOS 3:03.540 / Hope Chest 3:16.950
500 meter Race 4: SOS 3:11.290 / Hope Chest 3:29.400

Ithaca Race Team

Lake Parsippany, NJ - June 7
The team participated in the 75th Anniversary celebration of the Lake Parsippany Lake Association. There were mini races and a Breast Cancer Survivor ceremony. The team's efforts prompted front page coverage in the June 8 edition of the Daily Record!
in Friendship races

Mercer Lake, Princeton, NJ - June 1
The Paddle for Pink Dragon Boat Festival was the first race for most of our crew. Paddling with Camden's Hope Floats, we finished 1st or 2nd in all our heats!
in Paddle for Pink

Lake Parsippany, NJ - April/May
With the help of Pathways @ Connections in Summit, we have the core of our 1st Breast Cancer Survivor team. Coach Ellen runs the Monday practices and Barry our team steerperson handles the other practices!
Memorial Day

Lake Parsippany, NJ - April 21
First TEAM a dragon boat!
1st practice

Pathways, Summit, NJ - March, 2008
A glimpse of the team in the pool.

in the pool