2010 Events
Flushing, NY - August 9
Returning to the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival for a third year members of Pathway's TeamSOS-NJ got a taste of what it's like paddling a 2,000 pound antique Teakwood boat. Despite their valiant effort, the team was able to finish out the day coming in third place.

Lake Parsippany, NJ - July 17
The first NJ BCS Scrimmage was held at the home of Pathways TeamSOS-NJ and brought together members of New Jersey's Breast Cancer Survivors teams. Paddlers from the Vikings in Atlantic City, the Machestic Dragons in Princeton and Pathway's TeamSOS-NJ participated in a full day of 250m racing along with a lots of laughs and great camaraderie. Members from New York and Philadelphia's BCS teams were also on hand. Coach Ellen and members of the Pathway's TeamSOS-NJ did a great job in putting this together.

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada - June 12 & 13
Traveling once again north of the border, the combined sister teams Machestic Dragons and Pathway's TeamSOS-NJ headed to Peterborough, Ontario to participate in the International Dragon Boat Festival for Breast Cancer Survivors. This festival brought together teams from South Africa, Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & the United States...

Mercer Lake, Princeton, NJ - June 6
Pathway's TeamSOS-NJ returns to Mercer Lake to race in the Machestic Dragon's 4th Annual Paddle for Pink Dragon Boat Festival. This event brought in 45 teams from 4 states. Our team had an outstanding day and came away scoring the second best time in the Women's 250m races. Another silver medal to our collection...

Washington, DC - May 15 & 16
Joining forces once again with our sister team the Machestic Dragons, along with 60 other teams, we participated in the 9th Annual DC Dragon Boat Festival on the Potomac. For the second year in a row, our team comes away with the Gold Medal in the 250m races. Sunday's grueling 500m races result in the Silver Medal. Congrats to all on our first win of the 2010 season. (See Video)

Lake Parsippany, NJ - April 12
Our 3rd season kicks off with more than 20 survivors showing up for our first practice. Lots of newbies and seasoned veterans had a great workout with Coach Ellen law. Joan, our steerperson found out the hard way that Dragon Boating is truly a water sport. We have 2 months to prepare this season's team for the International Breast Cancer Festival in Peterborough, Ontario.