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I am hoping you might consider helping our Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team SOS have the opportunity to race alongside more than 100 other survivor teams from around the world in October of 2014 at The International Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Race and Festival which occurs once every four years.

We expect that it will cost our team over $20,000 to be able to afford to send 22 paddlers, a steerer and a drummer to this fantastic event that promotes a spirit of camaraderie for team members who embrace life after cancer through this exhilarating and bonding sport.  We are all in the same boat, literally and figuratively,  and after beating cancer we support one another and paddle together to "slay our dragons."  What a brave and hearty crew we have, filled with enthusiasm and fondness for each other.  Take a look at the videos on the website link below, and if you are so moved, please donate toward our cause!  What a thrill it would be to be able be in the company of thousands of pink survivors from around the world at this festive and bonding event!

Click on the following link or copy and paste it into your web browser and check out our Team's fundraising site!


Michele Visco

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We would like to thank the following supporters for their
much appreciated generous contributions in the past.

Judy Core Jennifer Erdos Kathleen Merlo Peggy Salisbury
E.J. Davis Barry Howard Ann Rainer Susan Siberine
Marian Davis Shelly Lawrence Donna Rudl Michele Visco

If you would be interested in sponsoring Team SOS NJ
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